Suzie Kidd

New Beginnings

Mine has been a long and varied fascination with painting.

I was lucky enough to attend a good Art School where the tuition ranged from precise and analytical illustration to free expression and bold use of colour. Hopefully I have gained from both. It brought out a bold confident style which leaves room for experiment and improvisation.

Circumstances took me to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Cape Town, but it was the countryside and seascapes surrounding the city where I found most inspiration. I loved the wonderful, wide open spaces, the strong dramatic play of the sun which turned the mountains from gold to purple and the razor sharp horizons. I found a steady following of art collectors and exhibited with other artists and friends in group exhibitions as well as galleries.

Now back in the UK I have experienced a new beginning in many respects especially in my painting as a response to the very different climate and environment. I’m loving the amazing cloud effects and the subtle, gentle tones of the Sussex countryside. It is a wonderful new challenge.

In Cape Town I was giving regular art classes to both beginners and more experienced students. I’m planning to do so again in my new studio here in Horsham starting this September (2017). I like to encourage the individuality of my students and find what interests them most as you always paint best what speaks to you rather than prescribing one way of working.
Classes & Viewings

If you’re interested in joining a class please contact me so that we can discuss it.

I'm also a member of Horsham Artists Open Studios (HAOS) and you are most welcome to visit me in my studio this summer (open studios weekends are 8/9 and 15/16 July 2017) - see